Sunday Scaries (a day late)


Over the millennial cliche? Meet the perennials.

Dad always said women and men can’t be just friends. Science concurs.

Elon Musk’s brother has been quietly fighting industrialized food.

I’m not an asshole. I’m an introvert.

Dare to be different this Thanksgiving: salty honey pie.

On my Christmas list.

Have you guys watched Good Girls Revolt yet? It’s an inspired, if not tame, look at women in journalism fighting for their right to write. (Shout out to my #1 reader a.k.a. Mom for the recommendation ; )

Also, it’s a great time to be alive if you love cookbooks. Exhibits A and B.

Photo of salty honey pie via Joy the Baker.


Sunday Scaries


For a long time I’ve considered taking a trip alone. Here are best places to fly solo according to the NYT.

With all craziness surrounding the current garbage fire election, I loved revisiting this episode of Parts Unknown when President Obama visited Vietnam for the first time with Anthony Bourdain.

On a lighter note, how GOOD are these jeans?

Also, adult spaghetti-O’s!!

It was 80 degrees in New York this week. If I buy enough of these (which everyone seems to swear by), will we finally get a true gust a fall weather?

You can now watch NBA basketball games in virtual reality. It’s a brave new world, people.

As a chick who was proudly raised by working parents, I love this!

PSA: brisket breakfast biscuits.

Ask Your Butcher


When I worked at a cheese shop, I loved when people would ask me questions about how to serve or cook with cheese, but it happened less often than you’d think. Since then, I’ve made a point to cozy up to my local butcher, wine shop owner and even pasta maker. Perhaps the place I’ve learned the most, though, is the butcher shop. Here are a few pointers I’ve picked up along the way. Continue reading

Sunday Scaries


Did you know people make more resolutions in September than they do for New Year’s? Do that thing, meet that goal, get that job.

School supplies for adults. Let’s make that a thing.

I’m from New York, where, in lieu of avocados, grocery stores put out six hundred petrified dragon eggs and shoppers must squeeze every last one of them before buying the softest but still rock-hard option, and then bring it home and watch it go from unripe to completely rotten without ever once being edible.”

Boots, boots, still boots.

(Also, sweaters)

Are there still a few tomatoes left out there? I hope there are a few tomatoes left.

Brooklyn friends, did you know they serve late night hot chicken sammies at this Clinton Hill spot? Byeeeeee

Currently reading: Modern Lovers, and it’s oh-so-good.


Sunday Scaries


I’m baaaaack. With – what else? – a list of things from the internet that made me smile/think/hungry this weekend.

Have you seen @drakeoncake? It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s VERY important.

What it’s like to be the Google beat reporter for The New York Times.

I’m planning a trip to Boston and already know I want to check out this little vintage cookbook shop. Where else do I need to shop/eat/play?

Every dress from these guys feels like a work of art.

Have you read this book that everyone is talking about?

The snuggle is real.

On freezing citrus zest (why didn’t I think of this sooner?)

Comcast considers charging you for your Netflix binges.

An op-ed from our President: Why we must rethink solitary confinement.

Newspapers aren’t dead (praying hands emoji)

Photo credit: @drakeoncake / Joy the Baker

Sunday Scaries


This summer has been a whirlwind of pink stuff, wonderfully perfectly ripe tomatoes and sweaty train rides, but alas, it is coming to a close. So I’m back – with a round-up of things from the internet currently making me happy.

So many late-summer/early-fall restaurant openings to look forward to! #1 on my list is Jams. Also, these honey butter chips from Oiji. Also, also, this 16-year old’s chef’s table (!!)

Wish I had a carry-on like this during my various summer schleps.

Statement flats for fall: animal print, lace-up and glossy.

“Put a dead fish on your kitchen table and punch yourself repeatedly in the face.” Did you catch this brutal (yet hilarious) take-down of NYC’s fanciest dining rooms?

Trying to gobble up all the stone fruit before it’s gone. Just had this cake with peaches instead of plums and it was a hit.

Guys, we’re less than a month away from NYC’s first Chick-fil-A. I’m thinking an opening day pilgrimage is a given, right?

Have you heard of the #divorceselfie?

Finally read this book. It’s sweet and funny and touching – definitely recommend.

And my favorite thing I watched on Netflix all summer is