The New Pantry Staples

The condiments are taking over my fridge.

Blame it on that classic French, butter-laden, chervil-garnished year in cooking school, or blame it on the artisanal mustard/sriracha/honey samples taking over my desk – I have cultivated a serious arsenal of condiments. Here are the ones I can’t live cook without…

1. Thai Curry Paste

thai curry

Yes, it’s spicy. But when it’s combined with something a little sweet, something inherently un-Thai, it’s heat is suddenly balanced and nuanced. Try it in: butternut squash soup.

2. Really good mustard


Sure, your deviled eggs and chicken salad will be next level, but you’ll also always be 4 minutes away from perfect vinaigrette. I’ll always recommend Mustard and Co. Try it in: your next braise. Stir a spoonful into the braising liquid to wake things up.

3. Anchovies


Splurge on the good ones, then pulverize them into everything and watch your friends go, “What is that? This is so good, but I have no idea why. You’re a genius and now we’re going to do all your dishes…” You get the idea. Seriously, though, try it in: breadcrumbs a la caesar salad deviled eggs. 

4. Bumbu


In case you haven’t heard, brown rice bowls are the new salad. Mine are never complete without a hit of spicy, southeast asian brightness (and a fried egg). Lately, I’m reaching for Bumbu Bali every time. It’s an incredible Indonesian condiment and, as always, I have Quinciple to thank for introducing us.

5. Mike’s Hot Honey

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.54.11 PM

I have come to terms with the fact that I sound like a raving lunatic when I recommend this stuff at the shop, but it really is that good. It’s also shockingly versatile and the packaging is so handy and see what I mean? Try it on: roasted root vegetables! Also, add sweet heat to dressings and get ready for the perfect hot toddy next time you’re under the weather.

Photos via Many Kitchens Food52 / The Washington Post Mike’s Hot Honey


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