Sunday Scaries


Everywhere I go, someone is talking about Amy’s new book. Have you read it yet?

A pasture-raised bird (meaning a turkey that is allowed to roam around and eat food growing from the ground) from my butcher starts at $80. “Here’s Why Pasture-Raised Turkeys Are So Expensive.”

Some of the city’s best chefs and where they grocery shop. 

My roommate just bought these warm, waterproof, comfy boots, and I’m coveting a pair of my own.

A preview of Girls Season 4, via Joanna.

Pro tip: how to get uniform apple slices for apple pie.

These squash toasts from ABC Kitchen have certainly made the rounds on the blogosphere. I think I’ll make them with Arethusa farmers cheese and the Red Kuri squash I’m expecting in tonight’s Quinciple box. Stay tuned.

Speaking of the ABC empire, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s opening a new vegetable-centric place next door.


Photo via Smitten Kitchen


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