Blizzard Reading

If you live in the northeast and you’re doing anything BUT cuddling up with the nearest pup and a box set of Harry Potter tonight, you’re doing it wrong.

While we still have power, a few links to keep us entertained…


First thing’s first – blizzard cuisine.

Now, on to the harder stuff. Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts (yeah, you heard me).

I hate wearing heels but, in an effort to be a Big Girl, I’ll be purchasing a seemingly comfy-yet-stylish pair for work.

Easy, homemade enchilada sauce. Unless you’re in the middle of this storm and you happen to have a can of enchilada sauce in your pantry. In which case, are you making enchiladas? Can I come over?

Apparently, the Dutch are at the forefront of sex education.

I worked with these gals to bring in their addictive cocktail caramel corn and now they have a new spot in Crown Heights specializing in booze and desserts, because booze and desserts.

12 historical women who gave no f*cks.

If you live in New York and you haven’t had a chocolate chip cookie from Levain, then you need to stop reading this and go get one. Oh, is it snowing out? Here’s a recipe.


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