How to Buy Wine

I love this wine buying guide from Smith & Vine via Joanna.


Love buttered toast? Go for chardonnay. Dark chocolate? Malbec. I love Gruner (citrus) and, when I’m up for a splurge, white Bordeaux (grass!), but I’m excited to try Bandol with a great steak.

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Blizzard Reading

If you live in the northeast and you’re doing anything BUT cuddling up with the nearest pup and a box set of Harry Potter tonight, you’re doing it wrong.

While we still have power, a few links to keep us entertained…


First thing’s first – blizzard cuisine.

Now, on to the harder stuff. Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts (yeah, you heard me).

I hate wearing heels but, in an effort to be a Big Girl, I’ll be purchasing a seemingly comfy-yet-stylish pair for work.

Easy, homemade enchilada sauce. Unless you’re in the middle of this storm and you happen to have a can of enchilada sauce in your pantry. In which case, are you making enchiladas? Can I come over?

Apparently, the Dutch are at the forefront of sex education.

I worked with these gals to bring in their addictive cocktail caramel corn and now they have a new spot in Crown Heights specializing in booze and desserts, because booze and desserts.

12 historical women who gave no f*cks.

If you live in New York and you haven’t had a chocolate chip cookie from Levain, then you need to stop reading this and go get one. Oh, is it snowing out? Here’s a recipe.

Bookish: “You’ve got books in you, young lady.”

Have you watched this show? I spent all day Sunday binge watching season 1 and I miss it already.


Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may be expecting a snow storm. I plan to hunker down, roast a chicken, and curl up with a good book in lieu of another marathon. Here are a few of the books I’ve been meaning to pick up.

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More books I love, want to read, or accidentally pinned.

Photo via Bustle.

Bone Broth

Have you heard of Brodo? Downtown, there’s a little take out window selling nothing but broth made from grass-fed beef and organic, pastured chicken bones in paper coffee cups. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, New Yorkers are shelling out $4/cup for it.


I will say, it’s refreshing to see a food trend embracing the nutritional and restorative powers we can extract from healthy animals.

It sounds kind of perfect and comforting these days, but will he serve it iced in the summer?

Photo via Grubstreet

Sunday Scaries

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What are you up to this weekend? I’m working on something exciting, and also hoping to make time to finally watch Boyhood.

This is what (ice cream) dreams are made of.

Kids vs Food “It reminds me of the time I accidentally drank my grandma’s pool.”

I will never go another winter without these.

A fun style for girls with short hair

(I recently went short and my stylist recommended this and this, and I couldn’t be happier with each.)

What 2018 will be like for Barack Obama, because we can chat about my hair and the president in the same post if we want to.

Borrowed from the boys PJs.

This candle is not only gorgeous but has the nicest, most delicate scent (in craneflower). Also, another favorite.

Lucky Peach (finally) launched a killer website!

Photo via Fashion and Style.

Sunday Ritual

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to create a ritual – a practice I could look forward to that would not only make me happy, but add something meaningful to my day.

Thus began my fairly unoriginal, but still completely satisfying, Sunday Paper Ritual.

photo (13)

Groundbreaking? No, not at all. But, seriously underrated? Yes!

Do it. Go get the paper this Sunday. Grab a latte too. Maybe a bagel if you’re feeling kooky. Then, settle in with your paper of choice, catch up on the goings on of our crazy world, and bask in the age old tradition of flipping through a real, live paper.

P.S. Don’t miss my favorite NYT column, Modern Love.

Bookish: Sheet Pan Meals


I often find “one pot dishes” and slow cooker recipes to be just plain disappointing – meats don’t brown, flavors don’t get the chance to build in layers. But I was intrigued by the release of a new cookbook, “Sheet Pan Suppers.” It was a major head-slap moment. I’m constantly roasting veg on a  sheet pan alongside a whole chicken, but I never thought to conceptualize a whole meal around one of my favorite cooking tools – the sheet pan! Unlike a crock pot or dutch oven, sheet pans are as affordable as they are multi-purposed. Invest in a few restaurant grade (read: cheap) sheet pans, and maybe this book, today.